Our Process

How We Work

I truly believe that every client relationship is special and unique, and I'm honored that you're considering reaching out to me for help with your finances.

The first step in this process is getting to know each other and seeing if we're a good fit. During our initial phone call and meeting, my main goal is to understand your priorities and concerns, and to learn about the important relationships in your life.

I've been helping people with their finances since 2007, and while I believe I can help most people, I want to make sure that I'm the best fit for you. There's no obligation on your part other than your time, and once I understand your situation, I'll explain the services I offer, and you can determine which one is the best fit for you.

I understand that your goal is to have a clear and easy-to-understand financial plan for your life.

To start designing this plan, I'll need lots of data from you, but I'll make the process as easy as possible by providing you with a checklist and an easy way to share that information with me.

Once I have all the data, I'll start designing a plan that maximizes your life based on your hopes and dreams. I'll work through the details and likely confirm them with you, so you can be sure that the plan is tailored to your needs.

We'll then move on to the meeting process, where we'll go over your plan and answer any questions you may have. I want you to feel comfortable with the next steps, so I'll spend as much time as necessary with you.

If you're eligible for ongoing services, we can discuss what that looks like and how we’ll be meeting going forward to make sure you’re plan stays on track.

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We want to make sure you have access to all the knowledge we give to clients, should you want to implement your financial plan by yourself. Download this book to learn how to maximize your AbbVie benefits package.